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Jesus – Son of God, not God the Son

Jesus occupies a unique place in God’s plan. He is the source of salvation, and central to God’s plan of redemption for mankind. Unfortunately, much of Christianity has misunderstood who Jesus was and is. This misunderstanding does not exalt Jesus, as they might claim, but instead makes a mockery of his life’s work, including His death. For, if Jesus was God, as many claim, then He didn’t really suffer or die, because God is immortal. But Jesus was a very special human, with God as his real father and Mary as his real mother. He succeeded in conquering sin because He totally trusted his Father and his God. This article explains the true nature of Christ in detail, and why it’s important you understand this subject. Continue reading


God’s Promises To Abraham, David, Jesus and You

God keeps his promises, eternally! This article explains how God promised faithful people throughout the ages that they would inherit the earth as a place of perfect righteousness and peace. It also explains how His promises have their fulfilment in Jesus Christ, and how we can receive those same promises through faith. Continue reading


Why You Need Salvation

Life without God is empty and futile. We all need salvation, meaning we need to be saved from our sins, experience forgiveness and receive the free gift of the hope of eternal life. This article explains the origin of the problem of sin and death, why we are all going to die, and what the solution is. Continue reading


The Bible is Source of Salvation

n our previous article we stated our belief that the Bible is the wholly inspired word of God. In order to be saved, though, you must have faith in God. Faith comes from reading God’s word and believing what He says. In this article we show how the Bible is the only source of information for us to have a relationship with God, and how it is the source of salvation. Continue reading



Welcome! Thank you for this opportunity to present you with the true message of hope from the Bible, God’s word. God wants a better life for you, and for you to live forever. This is a series of articles on Bible Truths and Your Salvation. It explains several essential Bible teachings that directly affect your life now, and your future salvation. Our prayer is that after you have read all the articles you will understand more clearly what God requires of you, and of the next steps you can take to benefit from God’s personal offer of salvation to you. Continue reading