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  1. Who are you? We believe alike. Do you know of my 600 pp. book, The Restitution of Jesus Christ? Very thorough on this subject that only the Father is God and Jesus is Lord and Savior but not God. I was a Trinitarian for 22 years.

  2. Judy says:

    Do you have a place of worship?

  3. Michael says:

    I agree 100% with your views…Want more info on how to connect with like minded individuals…Christianity the way it was meant to be.

  4. resh says:

    Hey I agree that jesus is the son of God
    If you read revelations about the seven churches
    only two small groups hold fast to the message of Jesus the other five mixed their own doctrine in it
    if you understand the small road and few will walk on it
    then you like me feel blessed that we do not follow those otherbigger churches on those wide roads
    peace and greetings a brother in Christ
    resh rama

  5. resh says:

    Revelation 3:8 I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it: for you have a little strength, and have kept my word, and have not denied my name. (KJ2000 – sent from CadreBible)

    do not get intimidated by trinitarians

  6. Sharon says:

    Every Christian believes in the trinity, we do not believe jesus is god, but the son of god. It’s very hard to find a church to go to because it’s always contrary to our belief that jesus is our savior but not god.

  7. david sampson says:

    I think that Jesus is God`s Son,but would like an explanation for some verses which suggest that he is equal with God.”Before Abraham was,I am”. John.8:58.”If you have seen me,you have seen the father”.John 14:8-11.

    • Cindy Stryker says:

      I’ve been asking myself (& God) the very same question/s, for quite a few years, myself… based on the very Scriptures you mentioned (& no doubt, more!) Here’s some POSSIBILITIES that I’ve had come to mind…. One, is that the, “In the beginning…God said, ‘Let there be light. And there WAS light… & the evening & the morning were the first day.”… PLUS the fact (that Scripture states clearly) that the sun, moon, & stars WEREN’T created UNTIL the FOURTH day, the FOURTH “evening & morning”… which implies to me, that something, OTHER THAN the “rising & setting of the sun”, constituted what was “the evening & the morning”… Okay, there’s that. And then, there ARE ALSO several other Scriptures that refer to OTHER “son/s of God” (but none of THEM are ever referred to as “begotten” (aka “born of a woman”). It DOES say that Jesus was “the ONLY BEGOTTEN son” of God, though. Heck, even in Luke 3:38, it says, “…which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which WAS THE SON OF GOD.”… Then later, in 1Corinthians 15:45, it says Jesus WAS “the LAST Adam”. In John 8:12, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”… It seems clear to me, that “sons of God” ALWAYS refers to creatures MADE BY the ONE God (“God, the father”). (It mentions “sons of God” in the beginning of Genesis 6, too) (Although, even though SOME people claim that they were “angels” referred to, there… I’m not resigning myself to that. I’ll just say I’m not clear on that part, or sure of WHAT God means for us to understand, from that…) Okay, now it ALSO says, in numerous Scriptures, that “God” is “the God OF gods”… & that we “should have no gods BEFORE Him”… And it says that Jesus is “King of kings, & Lord of lords”. Well, even Sarah referred to Abraham as “Lord”, thus I do NOT understand the term “lord” to ALWAYS refer to “God”, although we CAN refer to Him, as He Himself does, as our “Lord God”. (I’d looked up the definition of “lord”, & it meant “land-owner”, or even just “the owner” of things of worth.) So, here’s the POSSIBILITY (& GOD KNOWS, I DO NOT want to, in ANY form or fashion, be “a blind LEADING the blind”! I’m just stating MY thoughts, ideas, questionings, & deductions, with ya’ll seemingly “like-minded” seekers-of-the-truth!): What IF what WAS created ON that “first day”… the SAME day that God “divided the light from the darkness”… was what we call ANGELS??? MIGHT it be, that Jesus, (& Lucifer, too) WERE CREATED on that day… but then, during that time, or “day”, that Lucifer chose to exalt himself as being “on par” WITH God, & thus fell, & had 1/3rd of the angels chose to follow him (cuz he HAD been given a “leadership” role, initially), EVEN THOUGH their DOING that meant going CONTRARY to God’s will/leadership… But that Jesus, (an “Angel of the Lord”), ALSO placed in a high “leadership” position, STAYED TRUE to God, & STAYED “pure & righteous” (AS God had MADE him!), & stayed IN worshipful “submission” to God — faultlessly, even! … Then, later… that “subtle serpent” (Lucifer, now “fallen AWAY FROM” God’s Supremacy/Lord-ship), sought to get God’s beloved creation (Adam), to “turn from” God’s Authority… & he used Eve, by initially tripping her up about “what God had REALLY said”… For, it’s quite interesting, that God said the “DO NOT EAT OF the tree which is in the midst of the garden… the tree of the knowledge of good & evil”, BEFORE He’d EVEN CREATED Eve! … Now, IF the first Adam “had NOT forgotten HIS ‘FIRST love’ ” (God), then that FIRST Adam would have been given the task of becoming Eve’s redeemer… even though it would have been painful (as it was for Jesus Christ, when He came to “save his people from their sins”)… but, that first Adam DID’T do things God’s way… so he “fell”, too… So then we needed ANOTHER one to be our redeemer… One who WOULDN’T EVER stray from obeying God the Father… so, eventually God had (one of) His pure & holy sons (angels), who HAD REMAINED TRUE TO God the Father, to be “BEGOTTEN” of A VIRGIN woman, & then, ALSO be “tempted” (as was the first Adam), yet NOT to fall for the temptations… so He COULD/WOULD redeem us!
      So, what do ya’ll think? DOES that “fit” the Word of God? Does it have “conflict” with any of the Scripture truths revealed? Does it make sense, based on the understanding of Jesus being A “SON” of God, while not BEING “GOD”, but STILL HAVING BEEN a “before Abraham was, I am”?

      • admin says:

        Hi Cindy,

        I’m still here! I moderate all comments because sometimes the tone of some comments is not constructive. I don’t want people using inflammatory language and attacking other posters. I agree with lots of what you have to say. It sounds like you may have studied the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses, based on your comments about Jesus and Lucifer (sorry if I’m wrong). Unfortunately, I would have to disagree with your thoughts on those points. I believe Jesus only came into existence at his birth, and, although He was the Son of God, he took on a name greater than that of the angels at the time of his resurrection and ascension to heaven. See Hebrews 1. Any mention of ‘Lucifer’ in scripture is really about the King of Babylon, not a fallen angel or brother of Jesus. See Isaiah 14, the only mention of ‘Lucifer’ in scripture – and only in the King James Version. Other modern translations have ‘day star’ or something similar. The only other reference typically used to prove the notion that Jesus and the devil battled it out during his so-called pre-existence is Revelation 12, a highly symbolic chapter. The symbols there point to an organization that is corrupt and apostate – possibly a major Christian religion, or possibly Judaism during the time of Christ. Surely the ‘man child’ who is born and will rule the nations with a ‘rod of iron’ is Jesus – see Psalm 2 – but the timing? Seems to me it’s a description of Jesus’ birth, not a pre-existent Jesus battling the devil. Just my understanding of scripture!

        Thanks again for your thoughtful comments.

        • Born again says:

          What’s your take on John 17:5 and 17:24? It’s clear that Jesus remembered his life with God in heaven, so even if he didn’t have that physical body before he came to earth, he existed with God.

  8. Damon Horne. says:

    I am deeply seeking the “real” truth about GOD and Christ and feel what you are posting is correct. What is your church named. please send me any info you have about yourself and your church. I cant find any church in Ft Collins CO. that understands and teaches the TRUTH. Please help. Thank you..

  9. Wendy ottosen says:

    Jesus told his disciples to be AS one as me and my father are one seperate people but as one by being wrapt in and illuminating out the same one love for God is love i don’t know how to explain it if u can’t find a church find people who would want to seek with you- kinda being yr own church and studying – for if two or more gather in Jesus’s name’s He will be there. A church is the people gathered not a building per se

  10. Nicola Creed says:

    What to do ??? If we are all in agreement that Jesus is of God , the son of God , made in his image but not God , we all need to make contact with others that feel the same way so that we can uplift each other & become spiritually stronger , more fruitful in our daily lives , overflowing with the love of Jesus Christ . It is extremely difficult to stay on the narrow road without support from like minded brothers & sisters , otherwise wise we may be like lone sheep amongst the wolves & be devoured .

  11. Sheila Hume says:

    The Way International is a Christian non denominational church that teaches Jesus Christ is the son of God, and not God himself. They have bible research classes and home fellowships all over the country, like the first century church. Go to theway.org

  12. Chas says:

    I support your refusal to say which, if any, religion you belong to. If you told us, people would release all of their prejudices, so they could not read what you have written with an open mind. My question to you is: the bible contains contradictions, whereas God is perfect, so how can it be the word of God? If it wasn’t, would it be important, since God can nevertheless show us the meaning that He wants us to gain from it by His Spirit?

    • R F says:

      Chas, There were no contradictions in the original Bible manuscripts, The original Bible was not written in English.it was translated into English, There are numerous errors in the KJV and the other translations. If we see a contradiction, it should send up a red flag that we need to study the Bible and history books and whatever else we can get our hands on to find the truth. The very first thing we should do before Bible study is prayer. I also agree with the unitarian doctrine.

  13. William Smith says:

    I have been looking for this kind of thoughful and rational study of the bible for most of my adult life (Since the Mid-Sixties) how can I contact your organization

    • admin says:

      Hi William. You could try looking at thisisyourbible.com. On there, you can sign up for online Bible courses. The great thing about it is you get your own personal tutor who will help you in your studies. They will probably also be able to provide you with the appropriate contact info for our group of believers. God bless.

  14. Ted says:

    Hi I just wanted to know what church or denomination you belong to?

    I’m looking for a Church that believes in one God, the Father alone. I wonder if you could help me.

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